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Guangxi Medicinal Herb Botanical Garden

Located near the city of Nanning in Guangxi province, it is the largest of its kind in China, containing over 2400 species of medicinal plants.

     The pictures are relatively large in order to facilitate identification of plants.

                                             The Garden: 


The Botanical Garden                     Herbaceous Medicinal Plants                        Large Bamboo Shoot



                                          The Medicinals:


Verbena Officinalis                              Stephania Cepharantha                        Scrophularia Ningpoensis

     Ma Bian Cao                                              Bai Yao Zi                                             Xuan Shen



Polygonum Multiflorum                          Platycodon Grandiflorum                         Plantago Asiatico

     He Shou Wu                                                Ji Gen                                                Che Qian



      Isatidis                                            Euonymus Fortunei                              Equisetum Hiemale

Da Qing Ye/Ban Lan Gen                             Fu Fang Teng                                           Mu Zei



Rehmannia Glutinosa                             Polygonum Multiflorum                           Salvia Miltiorrhiza

       Di Huang                                              He Shou Wu                                          Dan Shen



Cynanchum Atratum                                       Asparagus                                        Artemisia Argyi

        Bai Wei                                              Tian Men Dong                                           Ai Ye



Artemisia Apiacea                                          Aloe Vera                                        Alocasia Odora

      Qing Hao                                                   Lu Hui                                                 Hai Yu