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Balancing Act I

The question “How do I lose weight?” is an interesting one. Is it better to eat all carbohydrates, or may a diet consisting entirely of protein be the answer?

Researchers who wanted to get a clearer understanding of our dietary needs have taken a look at what our ancestors ate back in the old days. Dr. Weston Price went to stay with several “primitive” societies in the 1930s to observe their food sources and eating habits. 

What he found is that when these isolated people ate their local, non-processed foods, they had fewer diseases, no dietary-related obesity, and splendid overall health. In contrast, people in the cities where their diet included large amounts of white flour, canned foods, processed vegetable oils, and sugar, had declining health, and they gained weight.

So, the first step to losing some weight and feeling better is to clean up your diet. This simply means to try to eat closer to the source; the original state of what you want to eat. Processing, which includes bleaching, freezing, drying, canning, pasteurizing, irradiating, and also over-cooking, reduces or destroys many nutrients.                

The good news is that this doesn’t mean you can’t eat that occasional pizza, burger, cookie, chip or Frappuccino. The idea is to achieve some kind of a balance between the real foods such as fruits, veggies, fish, chicken, beef, pork, and many others, and the processed foods. Also, keep in mind that meats and eggs were part of our ancestors’ diet and that our digestive system is designed to handle them, as long as you don’t eat them in large amounts.

In short, to master step one, just eat a little more of what you know is good for you, and eat a little less of what you know is bad for you, and remember: It took you years to gain that weight, and it will take months to lose it.