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Daniel C. Luthi, N.E., C.D.C., Nutritionist & Chinese Herbalist 

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Taichung, Taiwan

Phone: (886) 0933 511 140

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Solothurn, Switzerland                                   At Bao Jue Temple, Taichung, Taiwan          In my office in Taichung, Taiwan                   Matterhorn, Switzerland

My name is Daniel C. Luthi and I was born and raised in Solothurn, Switzerland.

After graduating from college, I went to Berkeley, California, where I studied and taught preventive medicine and nutrition, and later Chinese herbal medicine.

My interests include flying (I have a commercial pilot's license, USA/FAA-issued), great food and wine, books, drinking tea, travels, and Tai Ji.

I now live in Taichung, Taiwan, where I continue counseling and educating people, individually and in group classes, in nutritional and herbal medicine. I also prepare and dispense herbal formulae and preparations, and I write articles for class presentations and publications.

I just finished writing a 5-step weight-loss program for overweight foreigners living in Taiwan. It's called Balancing Act, I through V, and you can find scans of each step on the front page of this website.

This website will continue to grow and I hope it will become a valuable source of information for anyone interested using nutritional and herbal medicine as their primary means to maintain homeostasis and therefore better health.


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